Full-Denture Services in Ellsworth and Brewer, ME

Visit Midcoast Denture Design to get your new dentures

Whether it is your first set of dentures, or a replacement set, getting a new full denture can can be a dauting task. Midcoast Denture Design strives to make it as simple as possible. Every treatment plan is individualized, and your concerns are always put first. Typically, most full/complete dentures require 4-5 appointments.

Initial impressions

This is when your denturist will make a model of the oral tissues to begin the denture fabrication process

Occlusal Records

Everyone’s jaw closes in their own unique way. At this appointment we will record how your jaw closes, so that the dentures will bite together properly.


The appearance of your smile can be a very sensitive subject. We pride ourselves in making sure you love the appearance of your new smiles. This appointment is a final check of the denture appearance before they are finished.

Denture Delivery

At the appointment you will go home with your new denture! It is normal for a new denture to feel foreign and different in the mouth. Typically, we allow for 6-12 weeks for a patient to fully adapt to a new denture. Adjustments are necessary, and for that reason we will schedule a post insert exam to follow up with you regarding the fit and function of the new denture.

Do you need you dentures repaired or relined?

Do you need you dentures repaired or relined?

Midcoast Denture Design can provide you with replacement dentures a year after your teeth have been extracted. We can design your dentures using whatever brand you choose. Our team uses only premium products to fashion denture implants in Ellsworth, and Brewer, Maine, and the paste we use is proven to be strong and durable.

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Relines, Rebases, or repairs can be affordable option to help prolong the life of an existing denture. Many repairs can be completed within 1 hour. Rebases/Relines are available for same day impressions and pick up. An ill-fitting denture can be very frustrating. A rebase can re-fit dentures or partial to accurately fit the oral tissues.