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Dealing with dental issues is seldom easy or convenient, but Midcoast Denture Design will help your tooth extraction and replacement go as smoothly as possible. Our on-site dentist can extract your teeth if:

They're infected or decayed | Your mouth is crowded | You're suffering from gum disease | Your wisdom teeth have become impacted

Once we've removed your teeth, we'll put in your new dentures. Visit our office today for affordable denture service in Ellsworth or Brewer, Maine.

What are some advantages of getting immediate dentures in Ellsworth or Brewer, ME?

What are some advantages of getting immediate dentures in Ellsworth or Brewer, ME?

Midcoast Denture Design provides immediate dentures for many reasons. Here are four:

  1. You won't have to go out in public with a partial smile.
  2. We can better replicate the shape and color of your teeth while they're still in your mouth.
  3. These dentures will protect your gums and reduce bleeding.
  4. You can chew better with all your teeth.

You won't have to pay an arm and a leg for your dentures, either. Call 207-667-6222 now to get affordable immediate denture service in Ellsworth or Brewer, Maine.

Many Patients find themselves needing extractions and unwilling to go with out a smile. Immediate dentures can be utilized to provide patients with a smile directly after extractions. It is important for our denturist to understand your treatment plan before completing your denture, so we will either work with your existing dentist/oral surgeon or schedule you with our on-site dentist for a consultation for possible extractions.

Our denturists will clearly and effectively explain all your treatment options. The immediate denture process can be frustrating and very confusing. It is important to understand all your options before deciding on a treatment plan.

Immediate dentures require follow up care. At Midcoast Denture Design we refer to Immediate Dentures as a "process" due to the lengthy and comprehensive follow up required to be successful.
We have an onsite dentist who can accommodate all your extraction needs. Call (207)667-6222 for a consultation today