Don’t Let Your Dentures Get Damaged

Visit us for denture reline service in Ellsworth, ME

If your dentures get cracked or broken, visit Midcoast Denture Design, P.C. to get them repaired. We can repair your dentures in about an hour. Our team does our work in-house to maintain quick turnaround times. When you visit us, we’ll:

Take an impression of your teeth | Repair your dentures | Return them to you ASAP

If you need denture implants in Ellsworth, Maine, we can handle that for you, too. Visit our office today to get your dentures repaired.

Do your dentures no longer fit like they used to?

Do your dentures no longer fit like they used to?

Midcoast Denture Design can reline your dentures to correct that problem for you. Since dentures can lose their shape over time, you should get them relined regularly. We’ll reshape them quickly to make them fit your mouth perfectly again.  

Call 207-667-6222 now to schedule your denture reline appointment in Ellsworth, Maine.